FAQ of MusicLens™

What color and style options are available?

MusicLens™ has five models each with a different design. Each model also has a different lens for usage in various situations.You could visit the official website & introduction page for details.

Are the lenses protective and polarized?

Our lenses block 100% of UV, IR and Blue Ray light. All of the lenses are built with impact resistance, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coatings.

Can I order my MusicLens™ glasses with Rx lenses?

We do not offer prescription lenses with the glasses, but you can take MusicLens™ to an optical store and replace the lens with your own prescription lenses.

Is the MusicLens™ safe to wear?

Our product will have international certifications from the US, EU, Japan and China. Our manufacturers meet all social compliance and environmental protection standards. Including the packaging which is 100% eco-friendly and recycled.

What is bone conduction technology?

Bone-conduction is a technology that lets sound conduct via skin and bone by vibration. It's safe and healthy as bone-conduction doesn't hurt the eardrum. Perfect for people who need to wear earphones for a long time or love to listening music all day long.

How is the sound quality?

MusicLens has great sound quality, perfect for listening to music, the radio or answering a phone call. The sound quality can be affected by your surrounding environment, but unlike earphones which need to be plugged into your ears, MusicLens doesn't harm or irritate your eardrums.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life of MusicLens is 8~12 hours depending on the usage, and the standby time is approximately 48 hours. The accurate value will be updated on our website before shipping after the product passes all the authentications.

How can I listen to music in MusicLens?

Simply connect to bluetooth and play music on your phone or computer. We also offer a one year free music membership in ‘echo Music’ App for every MusicLens. ‘echo Music' is a trendy music app for young people, it provides a new style of music listening / sharing and media services, with 30 million users worldwide.

How to get MitCoin through MusicLens?

MusicLens is partnered with blockchain music trading platform ‘MusicLife’. MusicLife allows hardware to collect data by playing music, and gain virtual cryptocurrency named ‘MitCoin’ as the reward to provide music information. The measurement of accessible hardware is that the ‘Device can ensure the music is being listened to by a real human’. This standard guarantees the music information being collected by MusicLife is reliable. As the first hardware using MusicLife, users can get free MitCoin simply by using MusicLens to listen music. To get more information about MusicLife please visit: www.musiclife.io

How does the GPS navigation work?

The next generation of MusicLens will have the navigation function. You can connect Bluetooth in your smartphone and use the GPS navigation App in your phone to listen to the navigation guide sound.

How do I listen to the radio?

Press the volume button to open radio function. Long press the button to switch the channel.

How do I answer a phone call?

MusicLens will answer your phone call automatically in 5 seconds. You can also answer the phone call manually on your smartphone.

What is the sound leak reduction system?

Most bone-conduction hardware have problems with leaking sound when the volume is loud. MusicLens has our own patent to reduce the sound leaking so that people can not hearing anything playing in MusicLens in a good sound volume.

Can I choose any lens color for the model I select?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a selectable option on mix or customize lenses.

Does MusicLens ship to China?

Yes. We provide worldwide delivery.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping to the US, China (Including Hong Kong and Macao) is free. Shipping to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, & Canada is $3. Shipping to UK, EU, Australia, & New Zealand is $10. Shipping to the rest of the world is $15. You can find the shipping cost by clicking on the corresponding reward.

How is shipping handled?

In the US, we will be shipping via the United States Postal Service First Class mail with a delivery tracking confirmation. International shipments will be sent via International First Class.

When will I receive the product?

We will ship the product before the end of July 2018. Once the accurate shipping date is confirmed, we will let all of our backers know. We may create a second shipment date for backers who purchase later and adjust the delivery date accordingly on the campaign page.

What is the Warranty?

MusicLens provides a 1 year limited warranty. We guarantee you'll receive your MusicLens free of manufacturing defects.

What if they don’t fit?

Most of our frame styles are unisex, and all the styles were carefully designed to look and fit great on a wide range of face shapes and sizes. Our unique materials ensure a secure fit. If for any reason you don’t like the look or fit of your glasses, you have 7 days to exchange or return for a full refund.

Can I revise my order?

Yes. You can do so on the contributions tab of your Kickstarter profile.

Can I exchange my frame style if I don’t like?

Yes! You will have 7 days from the date received to send your glasses back for a free exchange.

What if I want to try them on before deciding?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a home try on. In order to take advantage of the low Kickstarter price, we recommend ordering the options you wish to try on in person, then returning the styles you don't want within 7 days for a full refund.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 7 day return policy, which means that you have the ability to try your product(s) on at home, and can send them back to us within 7 days starting from the day that you received them to your address. You do not need to state a reason for return within this time period and you will be given a full refund of the frames as long as the glasses and packaging are in the same condition as when you received them.