About Musiclens

MusicLens - Listen to Music Through Stylish Sunglasses

MUSICLENS is the combination of the intelligent hearing and the trend vision of the avant-garde styling of the avant-garde, allowing you to enjoy the technology between the enjoyment of technology and ultra high quality bone conduction hearing technology, completely liberate your ear film wherever you are, can enjoy the full fun of music in the voice between the focus of attention to the focus of attention.

Combined with bone-conduction listening tech, you can listen to music, radio and answer phone call through glasses. Just like earphone, others can’t hear what you’re listening. No need to put any loudspeaker in ear. Even wearing all day long, it won’t hurt the eardrums or let your ear ache. This structure can protect your eardrums whilst output high-quality audio. With the ultra high-quality bone conduction technology, you can finally set your ears free from constraining earphones. With Musiclens™, you can enjoy technology and be fashionable. No matter where you are, you can enjoy all the fun that music can bring without making any noise and becoming the focus of public attention.